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Homepolishing for Fashiontoast

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt, Courtesy Homepolish


Dear Fashion Ladies,

Do you read Fashiontoast? It’s the beautiful fashion diary of Rumi Neely. Do you know who Rumi Neely is? She’s the cute girl that’s so cute it will make you want to scream and tear out your eyeballs and cry blood until you die. Homepolish recently hooked me up with Rumi to redesign her living room and dining room to reflect her elegant, minimal style. Here’s me excusing her beauty while we looked at magazines together:




For the dining room, we started with a large-scale French country-inspired table from AllModern (who sponsored the project). They also provided the lovely rug, chair, bench, and chandelier. Rumi likes to choose her colors wisely. She’s really a minimalist in that sense. So instead of bringing in a ton of color I decided to bring in texture. One thing that surprised me about her is how into animal skins she was. I mean, the girl has fur all over the place. I imagine that she spends her weekends murdering animals just so she can luxuriate in their skin every day. As beautiful and demure as she is, I can tell she’s secretly a warrior princess. The furs were great because it helped me bring in texture and natural color. To finish off the space I added my favorite go-to that’s guaranteed to add life to a space: plants.


This gorgeous vintage textile, glamourously framed in a simple lucite frame was exactly Rumi’s style. It’s from St. Frank. They have a huge collection of amazing, one-of-a-kind textile pieces and I want all of them. Just a really beautiful way of bringing pattern and color into a room whilst also bringing in an object that has a tremendous amount of history.



Rumi already had those beautiful moss brass candlesticks. I love them with all of myself and would die for them if it came to that.


The plants and planters come from Mickey Hargitay Plants in West Hollywood, where I go once every 25 seconds. I spent $175 on that beautiful fiddle leaf fig and about $80 on the succulent arrangement.

Sources: Chairs, Rug, Chandelier.



Here’s another picture of Rumi being obnoxiously gorgeous. We bonded over the fact that we were both from Northern California and have hippie names. She’s such a sweet girl and I had so much fun staring at her whilst breathing heavily, sweating. I mean working with her. Awkward silence.

We kept the color palette in the bedroom minimal, just like the rest of the house. I used one of my favorite go-to colors for the walls, Benjamin Moore’s Half Moon Crest. It’s a beautiful grey that is just warm enough but not so warm that it starts to look beige and gross. Sidenote: I might be starting to like beige. Is that weird? I have hated it for my whole life, but it’s starting to grow on me when used correctly (like in some warm, Mediterranean adobe home). Anyway, it’s kind of blasphemy that I don’t hate it anymore but I’m dealing with it so please, no judgements.


Most of the bedroom was sponsored by AllModern, where we got the bed, bedding, and bedside lamps. The pillow comes from Ninespace (have you checked them out? I love them). And the side tables are from, GASP, Target.



Sources: BeddingLampsPillows.

The photograph in a simple white frame is by Matin Zad, who is an incredibly talented young photographer winning ALL THE ACCOLADES right now. The piece is available from Tappan Collective and I highly recommend you buy one. I have the same one hanging in my bedroom and looking at it every day makes me so happy. It went perfectly with the theme of the rest of Rumi’s house. Clean, simple, minimal. I’m so relaxed I’m going to take a nap now. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


If you’d like a space as calming and lovely as Rumi’s please contact Homepolish and set up a consult with me or one of our ridiculously talented designers. It’s likely that we are in your city and we’d love to help you with your space. HURRY!

Special thanks to AllModern, St. Frank Textiles, and Tappan Collective for the beautiful things found in this home makeover.



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D.I.Why? Making an Ugly Coffee Table Into A Simple Work Of Art

Beautiful Photographs by Sean Gin. Ugly Photographs by Orlando Soria.

coffeetable6Dear Old Coffee Table I Got from Emily Years Ago,

You taught me a lot of things. Firstly, you taught me that it’s important to take care of things or they’ll turn into garbage. I remember the day years ago when Emily and I looked at each other and were like “What are we going to do with this piece of garbage?” This once-beautiful royal blue lacquer coffee table got scratched after we moved it around in our storage for two years. Which reminds me, I HATE LACQUER. Yes it looks amazing for a little while. But if you just so much as set your teacup down the wrong way, it scratches immediately and you have to get it re-lacquered and it’s totally annoying and expensive and terrible. Emily was going to donate this piece to Goodwill, so I took it home KNOWING I would think of something to do with it. Fast forward two years and it’s still sitting in my parking space outside, waiting to be loved. I really couldn’t think of anything to do to it. But then one day I was daydreaming, thinking about how much I love Christo, and I remembered his early work where he used to wrap furniture in canvas and other materials. Those pieces looked like this:


I’d love to make a sofa like that someday, all wrapped and organic and crazy. But I wanted something simpler for my coffee table, so decided to try and make it look like a giant canvas, wrapped in raw fabric that’s meant to be painted on. Like this:


This is the table I started with:


I know. Gag me with a spoon. But good bones for a new, canvas-covered coffee table. Below I’ll tell you how I transformed my table.

Firstly, Here’s What You’ll need:
1. Ugly Old Coffee Table That Literally Makes You Want To Scream
2. Raw Canvas (I got mine for $6/yard at Blick)
3. Scissors
4. Staple Gun
5. Iron

Before you get started, it might be helpful to revisit my How To Strech A Canvas Tutorial, many of the same rules apply here if you cover your table in canvas.


Step 1: Cover both ends of the coffee table by stapling canvas onto the table. Don’t worry about the staples, you’ll be concealing them later. Just like you concealed your true opinion of your best friend’s new French Bulldog, which is scary and looks like a gremlin.


Make sure to pull the canvas very taught so it won’t be gross and wrinkly. Like my face is after a weekend of heavy drinking in the sun.


Step 2: Drape canvas over the top to determine width (you will be folding it under so the seam is not exposed).


Step 3: Tape your creased canvas into place. This will help keep everything in place while you staple the folded over canvas to the bottom of the table’s legs. Make sure you are pulling everything tight while you do this. Whatever you do, don’t relax. You should be as tense and wound-up as possible while you stretch this canvas over your coffee table to ensure that you pull it hard enough. Keep in mind that if you mess this up your life until now has been useless and there really is no reason to continue living.

Step 4: Using an iron on a high steam setting, iron out all wrinkles and creases in the canvas. This will also help tighten the canvas as it shrinks a bit when exposed to moisture.


Step 5: Make sure to use lots of trays and coasters. Raw canvas is highly sensitive and cannot be cleaned. I plan to eventually paint on mine so I’m not too worried about stains. If you are an out-of-control messy barbarian, you can either choose a more stain resistant fabric or choose something darker that wont show all the wine stains that result from staying home alone every weekend to watch “Maid in Manhattan” whilst wearing Garfield pajamas.


The whole project cost me about $25 (all I had to buy was the canvas) so I’m pretty pleased with my practically-free new coffee table. It’s a scientific fact that people with nice coffee tables are 90% more likely to run into handsome men on the street who are carrying big stacks of books. It’s also known that people with nice coffee tables will themselves be carrying large stacks of books and when they run into aforementioned handsome men carrying books, they will both simultaneously drop their books and then the books will get mixed up and then they will fall in love as they try to figure out which books belong to which person. Thus, it’s very important to have a coffee table that you can be proud of.




So, there you go. I transformed a coffee table from despicable to delectable within minutes, for mere pennies. Now, go forth and do it yourself! Hurry!



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Homepolishing in Laurel Canyon

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt

Dear Reader,

For a long time, it’s been a dream of mine to live in Laurel Canyon. I just imagine I’d move there, Joni Mitchell would be my neighbor, she would sing to me every morning out her window, and I’d be surrounded by trees and wilderness and I could pretend I lived nowhere near a city. Do you ever notice that the longer you live in a city the more annoying it starts to feel? Like you’ll be walking down the street and you’ll be like “why are there so many people waddling in front of me?!?” (I love to walk fast so this is a particular pet peeve of mine). Or you’ll be at a sandwich shop and you’ll be like “why are there so many other people eating sandwiches!?!” I think it’s good to get out of the city every once in a while so you don’t go totally crazy. Or you can just move to a part of town that feels slightly less like a city.

One of my favorite Homepolish designers decorated this glamour cottage on a mountaintop in Laurel Canyon and I want to move into it, like, yesterday.

Most of the furnishings in this two bedroom home are vintage, sourced at flea markets and local vintage stores.

The whole place has a very casual, old-world feel. The clients are big collectors who love beautiful, unique objects. There’s a ton of character in this place because there is so much to ogle all over the place.

The place gets tons of natural light, so the designer kept the walls white and brought in color in art and objects, which as you probably know is my favorite way of bringing in color.

This rustic sofa table provides a nice contrast with the crisp, white sofa.

We made that poor dog sit outside that window for so long just to get that shot.

The dining nook provides the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your imaginary boyfriend.

A fun fact about me is that I’m terrified of crucifixes. Like when I was little I would go to my friend’s house and his parents had crucifixes everywhere but they were like SUPER GRAPHIC crucifixes with tons of blood and gore and I thought they were the scariest thing ever. At that point in my life I though Gremlins was a horror movie so seeing a bloody dead guy hanging on a piece of wood was pretty much the most terrifying thing imaginable. Anyway, that being said I love this little window moment. And I’m glad the crucifix is gold and not covered with scary realistic blood the way my friend’s were…

Don’t you just wanna get in that tub and live there? Forever? Staring out the window onto that lovely rock-filled back yard, watching baby deer chew on grass?

Note that the designer painted the door the same color as the dog and the totally cool Stussy hat.

Another non-terrifying crucifix helps this dresser-top look casually cool and collected. The whole place feels so comfortable and sophisticated, which should be the goal when designing any interior space.


PS: Want to hire the glamourdesigner that created this beautiful space? Contact Homepolish!


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My Week in Instagramz


Dear Diary,

I’ve had a renewed interest in exploring California lately and it’s kind of funny. Funny because it’s making me feel way more dumb than normal. Like I’ll drive to Malibu and be like “Oh wow I totally forgot this was here!” I have this weird thing with California where it feels like home but also whenever I go anywhere lately I’m like “Oh this is so magical” like a maniac and it makes me feel like I just moved here or something. There’s slightly too much wonder. Like I kind of want to slap myself for being so amazed.

Whenever I start to feel stressed/annoyed/like like is pointless, I know a trip to the beach will always make me feel more grounded. Thus, I woke up last Sunday itching to go to Malibu. So I dragged a few of my friends there and we took a hike and went to a place called Paradise Cove Cafe, which is in fact the most amazing place I have ever been in my life. It’s like a Disneyland on the beach. The food is terrible, they serve drinks in ridiculous containers (like pineapples and coconuts), and everyone who is there just wants to pretend they are in the tropics. It’s basically my idea of heaven. Also, any place that uses the word “paradise” in its name is my favorite. Or “coconut.”




There was a weird optical illusion at the CB2 pickup zone in Santa Monica.


I love this Yoshitomo Nara clock I got as a gift years ago. I stare at it every day and it makes me happy.


Homepolish sent me to San Francisco this week. I drove up because I needed my car to visit with family in Sonoma County all weekend. It’s a super boring drive, but it’s gorgeous and filled with golden California hills.


Every time I am on the Bay Bridge, I have this fear that there is going to be some sort of enormous earthquake and I’m going to fall into the ocean and die.


Chrissy Field is my favorite place in San Francisco. It’s so peaceful and relaxing and it allows you to stare at the Golden Gate Bridge and think about the future.



I ran into a dog walker who had a bunch of dogs and insisted on posing them with me, which is most exciting thing that has ever happened in my life.


I also ogled the Golden Gate from Vista point, which was lovely because it was all foggy and beautiful.


I forced my sister’s dog Olive to pose with me for a Valentine’s Day pic. Is it rude that I think she looks a little bit like Julia Roberts in this photo?


This is me and my siblings on my first day of kindergarten. I kind of wish I had that outfit today in my size. Actually, I found a shirt the other day online that I wanted that kind of reminds me of the one I’m wearing…


I had to document this wonderful drawing in the home of a friend-of-a-friend. It’s so simple but so good.



A few more shots of good old San Francisco. I have a special place in my heart for this city because I grew up coming here all the time. It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the United States and I’m always happy to come here.


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