Whut Glamour: Flamingos

Dear Readers,

Have you seen the movie I Have Loved You So Long? Me neither. But I have the feeling it’s a story about how much I love flamingos in which I just stand there staring at a flamingo saying “I  have loved you so long” over and over and over. For years, I have felt hesitant to express my love. Their garish pink color making my passion feel shameful and lowbrow. Usually when I think of flamingos I think of the plastic kind that go in people’s front yards. But then I thought, what is wrong with plastic flamingos in people’s front yards? Today, for no apparent reason except my own mania, I have decided to show you countless pictures of flamingos. You can enjoy them, pin them, share them, print them out and hold them close to your breast. Here you go:






James's Flamingo




While flamingos have enriched my life with their glamorous vibrant color, they’ve also inspired brightly colored buildings all over the world:

Like this building in Granada, Spain:


My favorite brownstone in Brooklyn:


And the iconic Paul Smith store in West Hollywood:


If you’re feeling inspired by all this pink, you should probably go out and buy some pink to wear to the grocery store. Right now. This very moment. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from growing up in America it’s that buying stuff makes your life more meaningful. Thus, I have selected the following items as must-haves. Keep in mind my birthday is less than a month away…


Pink Shorts, $17.95


Pink Diesel Swim Trunks, $85


Hartford Pink Printed Swim Shorts, $165


Orlebar Pink Trunks, $230


Flamingo Swim Trunks, $60


Pink Frond Shirt, $130


Paul Smith Pink Pants, $295

And, if happen to be a lady, I insist that you wear this ridiculous one-piece:


Swimsuit, $60

And, if you need a little kitsch in your bedroom, add this crazy pillow to the mix:


Flamingo Pillow, $27

So, there you have it. There are so many reasons to wrap yourself up in flamingo pink. Now go out there like the flamingo you are and stand on one leg in a lake somewhere (that’s a surefire way to attract a man, I know this from personal experience).




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10 responses to “Whut Glamour: Flamingos

  1. Kevin Orlin Johnson

    What a hoot! Do flamingoes hoot? Or do they quack. Or is it “flamingi”? I don’t know. I am, however, always tempted at garden centers in the less-fashionable neighborhoods that I frequent to pick up, say, a dozen or two of the plastic kind and finally do something decorative on the south lawn.
    Thanks, Orlando! Great flaminging start to the day!

  2. Kalen Meaden

    Another reason to love flamingoes; a group of flamingoes is called a Flamboyance.

  3. Flamingos are the stinkiest animal at the Santa Barbara Zoo! 🙂

  4. britt

    but have you seen this photo of flamingos in the shape of a flamingo?? http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/nov/23/flamingos-in-formation

  5. Love them! Can I paint my house to match, inside and out?

  6. I should be listed up there as something amusing and pink 😛

  7. andiperullo

    I am obsessed with flamingos! LOVE this post!!!!

  8. Lori

    I’ve loved flamingos since I was a kid. I am not ashamed! Of course, I’m a straight chick, so I guess it’s allowed.

  9. lesley

    I went to the Galapagos Islands last year and saw REAL flamingos. It was awesome. I took approximately one billion photos and also minutes of thrilling video footage of a flamingo just standing around.

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