Living La Vida Habra

Dear Lady in Nebraska That Reads My Blog,

When I’m not running off to DC to design makeovers for senior citizens with Emily or driving around LA looking for the perfect props for a photo shoot, I can sometimes be found designing spaces for my own clients. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on a family that lives in La Habra, a beautiful little town outside of Los Angeles that features mountains, trees, and happy families with adorable children that run around saying endearing things all day. I haven’t gotten to the styling part, so there is still a lot to be done, but I’m making progress.

I found this uberglamorous burlwood accent table at HD Buttercup and immediately fell in love with it. It’s a one a kind sculpture for the master bath. Somewhere, a tree is all “Where’s that huge chunk of my trunk? I needed that!” Sorry, Tree. I needed that chunk of wood to make my client’s life better on a daily basis. I put a simple white mirror from CB2 above it. Sadly, like my dignity, the mirror is no longer available.


This simple white table comes from Blu Dot ($399). The rug is amazing, from West Elm. $1299. The tray is from Crate & Barrel ($69.95)  and adds a little rustic/beachy nod to the sunroom (which opens onto the gorgeous pool/courtyard).


The homeowners had both these pieces already, and I love them so I decided to make them into a little vignette. I added a white vase from West Elm ($19).


The music room had a huge bare wall, so I added a gallery wall using their art supplemented with art from Shopclass ($10-$25).


We will also be adding this glamorous coffee table from Empiric to the music room. $2775.


The great room is shaping up, though the main component (the coffee table) is still in production.


This is the coffee table we’re going to add. $1395 from Restoration Hardware.


The giant wall was begging for some giant art, so I DIY’d a gold asymmetrical painting over an ugly landscape Emily had in storage ($300 from Craigslist).


This Parsons Tower ($549) was shockingly easy to style. We grabbed accessories from Empiric, HD Buttercup, and Shopclass.


We have a few more rounds of styling/waiting for coffee tables to arrive and then I will be doing a big photo shoot that makes the space look as pretty as it actually is. And then I will be moving in with the family that lives in the house because I love it so much.





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12 responses to “Living La Vida Habra

  1. that round mirror caressing the light switch makes me feel antsy.

  2. Lesley

    Can you give a source for the rug in the great room? Is this house new construction? Nice curved arches.

  3. Your gallery wall is perfection! Gorgeous home.
    My condolances to the tree who lost a chunk of his trunk, and all dignity lost everywhere.

  4. Michael

    Love your blog — it always leaves me smiling!

    (The Guy in Nebraska That Reads Your Blog)
    (No, really…)

  5. Just when I regret that day, so many years ago, that I decided we had to have a navy blue couch . . . I stumble upon this post . . . + immediately, my morale goes way up + I feel very right NOW. And right now I need to have a pair of brown leather chairs.
    K A Y

  6. Gorgeous! I’m glad you started posting again…I was missing your signature humor in blog land!

  7. Leah

    gaahhh…that burlwood table is incredible! adore you and your spaces!

  8. Jennipher

    Yay, I’m a lady in Nebraska who reads your blog – love it!

  9. Robyn

    I’m a lady in Nebraska too… how did you know?
    Also, you’re amazing and should post more 🙂

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