Whut Glamour: Art by Andrew Salgado


Dear Andrew Salgado,

A few months ago, I was waddling around a holiday party hosted by Ken Dolls when I stumbled upon one of your brilliant paintings (“It’s Not About Love”) in their living room. I spent the rest of the party scheming how I would fit the painting under my winter coat so I could take it home. Sadly, I left without it. But I was happy to discover your work because I find it completely inspiring. When I see something done in a new way, such as a figure rendered in a way never before seen, it reminds me that there are discoveries yet to make and perhaps life isn’t as boring and prescribed as I thought. Not that I think that (Okay sometimes I do, but not often. Okay maybe often). Below are a selection of some of my favorite pieces from your body of work.

All images courtesy of Andrew Salgado.


Beams the Mannerist


The Opposite of Intention


Pink Study 1


It Ain’t Divine




The Silence Consumes Every Move


The Tide


King Is Dead / Long Live The King (Diptych)


Boy With A Bloody Nose


The Conversation


A Shapeless Doubt


It’s Not About Love




The Bewildered Pursuit


I Wish I had Known About This Hammer Heart


The Deafening


One Man’s Joy Is Another Man’s Sadness


I Can’t Quite Remember But I Never Forget


A Dream Of The Sea


An Altered Peace

Thank you for making all these beautiful pieces. Someday, when I am a rich Gay man cackling in a giant house in the Hollywood Hills, I will buy one of your paintings and hang it above my fireplace, remembering fondly the first time I saw your work and how thoroughly it rocked my world.


PS: See more gorgeous images at andrewsalgado.com. And then maybe buy something. For me.



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7 responses to “Whut Glamour: Art by Andrew Salgado

  1. Kevin Orlin Johnson

    You’re just always full of surprises, aren’t you! Never would have taken you for a Salgado fan. Seems totally the opposite of every design principle you’ve manifested up to now–hm.

  2. Love these pieces! Desperately want one of my own!

  3. Amazing! This is my friend, Andrew. I’ll tell him you love his work 😉

  4. Elisa

    They are so beautiful and slightly disturbing.

  5. His art shows all these layers of emotion, concepts, and identity. I can perceive fragility and sorrow in some of the paintings, the first one Not About Love,One Man’s Joy Is Another Man’s Sadness, and I Can’t Quite Remember But I Never Forget (the names are great too). Just astonishing have no words…THANK YOU!

    P.S. have many days of love…and art!

  6. Oliver Baker

    Hi Orlando – Andrews work goes on display in London today before decorating the windows of Harvey Nichols for the entire month of April. He has also released some signed prints of 4 pieces (I believe 25 of each print). Definitely one to watch…

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