The Best T-Shirt In The World


Dear LAEX,

Yesterday I went to the flea market with my boyfriend and a couple friends. I wore a hoodie, jeans, and my favorite new shirt from LAEX. When it got warm and I took off my hoodie to reveal the t-shirt underneath, everyone looked at me in disgust and worry. “Didn’t you wear that shirt last night? And the night before?” Yes. Yes I did. I can’t seem to take off this white t-shirt. It’s everything I want to be. It’s soft and drapey and comfortable.

My inspiration for wearing simple white shirts comes from my obsession with 1950s Paul Newman and James Dean, who helped create that all-American jeans and t-shirt look. Also, Paul Newman is the most beautiful man that ever lived. If I could re-animate his dead body, turn him gay, and marry him I totally would. I love him that much.


Side note: Did you know Paul Newman was besties with Gore Vidal? I did, and that’s part of the reason I’m obsessed with him. That and his face. And body. And soul.


And James Dean. I know it’s trite to talk about how attractive/classic/iconic he is but he really was the best hanger for a white t-shirt. Ever. In history.


Here is the asymmetrical shirt I love from LAEX.


Assymetrical Modal -Shirt from LAEX, $70.

I’m not sure if you’ve been alerted, but tight collars are out. Who wants to get strangled by his shirt? The trend in necklines is that they are getting wider and bigger. Like your mom.


The fabric of this tee is amazingly soft and the seams are beautifully done. The tee looks kind of crazy when you let the asymmetrical flap lay flat (as show on the model) but it looks great tucked in and solves the problem I often have with awkward t-shirt bunching.



I’d pair this delightful shirt with a nice pair of Levi’s and some leather shoes.


Jeans from Levi’s, $68.


Leather shoes from Topman, $130.

I could wear this simple outfit every day, for the rest of my life, until it rots off my gross body.





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8 responses to “The Best T-Shirt In The World

  1. Lori

    Did you know that Paul Newman screen tested with James Dean for East of Eden? Oh, to be there…

  2. Cristina

    You look wonderful – and very Newman-Dean-ish. But maybe get a spare or two? Just sayin’…

  3. Sheri

    Looking hot, Orblogdo! And I am also completely guilty of wearing the same shirt one day, to bed, the next day, ad infinitum. Not ashamed!

  4. Yay, indeed! You are adorable.

  5. Daniel

    Gore Vidal and Joanne Woodward were actually engaged in 1957. This was in order to force Newman to divorce his first wife and marry JW. Crafty, GV, crafty.

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