Los Angeles in Instagramz

Dear Diary,

Are you curious what I’ve been up to and what I’ve been seeing? Me neither! But I’m going to show you anyway. Here is what I’ve been gawking at the last few weeks:

The loading dock at Blueprint Furniture.

David Furnish’s 50th Birthday at Greystone Manor.

The lovely typography of Gallery Brown on Orlando Avenue.

Gorgeous new plants from Mickey Hartigay Plants, where Mickey’s staff kindly replanted our succulents into gorgeous pots (also available there) for free. See below:

New hybrid cactus my handsome boyfriend discovered at Mickey’s. At home on the bedside table.

Ridiculously cute new Gold Pig Bookends from CB2 sit on my bedroom dresser. I’m in love with them.

Just a typical November Sunday in Los Angeles, 90° outside.

Sofa upholstery fabric at the Pasadena Antique Center.

Giant painting I made for Jon’s Place.

A new Architectural Digest and some tea.

Voting in Windsor Square, near Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles.


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3 responses to “Los Angeles in Instagramz

  1. KOJohnson

    Nice work! Nice work photographing your other nice work, too!

  2. Orblando! Please tell us more about the giant and awesome paint-by-numbers!

  3. I didn’t think this post was going to be that great…..instagrams….eh! I loved it! Really great pics! And I’d like to know more about the giant awesome paint-by-numbers.

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