I’d Like To Rub These Tiles All Over My Face. And Yours.

Dear Homeowners,

Do you ever find yourself staring at your boring white tile, wondering why you’re wasting your life on such blandness? Well, you should be. Adding a bit of hand painted glamour to a room is guaranteed to make you at least 16% happier. Just look at this boring white kitchen made fun with a pop of color in the tile over the stove. Also, that little boy is drinking whiskey, don’t tell anyone.

Tile may not be the warmest, most inviting material to rest your feet on, but it sure is pretty to look at.

If this were my bathroom floor I’d spend every day of my life rolling around on it, thinking about how lucky I was to have such a gorgeous floor to roll around on.

If this were my backsplash I’d be a woman. A really cool woman.

I took a field trip recently to check out some tiles at the Pacific Design Center. Tile is the kind of material you have to see in person to appreciate, especially if it’s the hand-painted Moroccan variety, which I’ve decided is my favorite.

These lovely tiles come from Creative Environments at the PDC.

These exciting examples are from Claesson Koivisto for Marrakech Design. I want to rub them all over my face forever and ever.

Kismet Tile, a Los Angeles company, makes these crazy/amazing geometric designs.

So hurry. You only live once. And time is limited to cover every surface in your whole entire house with luxurious hand-painted tiles.




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5 responses to “I’d Like To Rub These Tiles All Over My Face. And Yours.

  1. KOJohnson

    You’re the only writer working in the United States today who can make me laugh at floor tiles. Thank you.

  2. Bexatrix

    “Also, that little boy IS whiskey, don’t tell anyone.” Really? I’m assuming he is “drinking” whiskey, as little boys do. If not, I’m sure the little boy is delicious.

  3. Catherine Soria

    My fave is the blue stone shaped painted in the center of each white tile. Some of the patterns make me crazy but what fun.

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