RIP: Rest In Paintings

Dear My Bed,

I love you,  but you need a headboard. Right now, you look like this:

So depressing I may as well be in prison. Okay, so my bed has striped sheets, pillows, and a blanket on it. But it’s still missing something. It’s in desperate need of a headboard. And what better for a headboard than a giant piece of art? I love the idea of sleeping with a huge piece of art looming over my head. I mean, who wouldn’t want an enormous egg floating above the bed?

This one is pretty and minimal, the white laundry speaks to the stark white of the room.

This isn’t necessarily my style but I think it’s very pretty. And the addition of tall, built-in bookshelves makes the space even more inviting.

Not sure if I love this framed photo, but look how well the color goes with the knit blanket.

This graphic piece is awesome. Also, if this person lives in an earthquake zone they are probably going to be cut in half during the next earthquake. Hanging glass over the bed can be dangerous. I have a rule about hanging art over my bed: If the piece can fall off the wall and accidentally chop my head off, I try not to hang it directly over where I’m sleeping. That is the Californian way.

That being said, I might risk having my head chopped off to have this delightful piece hanging above me as I slumber.

Ugh, Marilyn Minter. Why does your stupid art have to cost so many millions? I want all of it.

This is a great idea for a DIY painting-headboard. It’s not as fancy as having a Minter hanging above your bed, but on the upside it’s just canvas so it won’t decapitate you in the event of an earthquake.

This is painted directly onto the wall, totally great idea for a child’s room. Or for someone too, like, poverty-stricken to afford an actual headboard. Like me.

Look at these awesome drawings-as-headboards. Accented by decorative moulding! Get in my bed!

This big, bold, graphic piece is the perfect addition to this totally, like, minimal and boring room.

And finally, my favorite. I think I’m going to go for this vibe with my headboard. I love the simplified landscape and that gorgeous color palette. How could you not have sweet dreams under that?

In conclusion, I want all of these headboards.




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14 responses to “RIP: Rest In Paintings

  1. erica

    I’ll take the dog in the last picture. But I have a serious question – how do you read in bed with a painting as a headboard? I need something to lean on in bed, so I don’t get these decorative, but non-functioning, headboards.

  2. That multi-panel black & white graphic with the gold frames is my favorite. It’s been in my inspiration folder for years. Wish huge b&w graphics were easy to come by.

  3. beautiful collecton sure to inspire sweet dreams, love the long, wistful dog, if only my posion ivy rash would stop itching, dang it

  4. Life & Sunshine

    great ideas, and switching the art out can really change the vibe so easily!

  5. Kathy

    That green, peely headboard makes me want to pick at something. It makes my skin crawl…bleh!

    Truly love your writing style!

  6. what a pleasure to read.

  7. Catherine Soria

    I want one

  8. It’s probably not a good idea to vote for the one that could leave you decapitated – but I really, really like it… They always say beauty is pain, don’t they?

  9. I thought I was the only person who had a fear of a painting over the bed falling off and killing me. I also feel that way about ceiling fans — and when my kitchen ceiling fan fell on me I knew it was a justified fear, not a neurotic obsession.

  10. The last one is my favorite especially if you want your dream optioned by Paramount Pictures. I’m pretty sure that’s their mountain. Also, the dog seems oddly long and legless to me. I feel like Tyra Banks would have harsh words for that pose from high upon her apple box.

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  12. Emerald Gundelach

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