Think Outside The Box: No Socks

Dear Diary,

Apparently there is a totally exciting new trend involving naked male ankles. I had no idea, always running around wearing my nerdy socks pulled up to my knees. Enjoy these glamourous images of shoes with no socks!

The juxtaposition of a dressy suit with the casual exclusion of socks is a nice one. I guess it is kind of sexy to see a little skin, even if it’s just the ankle.

Love this whole outfit. He looks like a sailor from the high seas, except for with better hygiene and more teeth.

Ugh, I so want to be this kid. All skinny and weird and downtowny. Excuse me while I go do heroin and lose 30 pounds.

Good things about this picture: stacked stone wall in the background, highwater pants, lovely golden countryside, and no socks. Bad things about this picture: that ugly ottoman and that cheesy camera in front of his face.

Hi, I’m glamourous and my hair blows in the wind. Also, I’m too cool for socks.

Someday, I want to look like this.

I’m digging this tinysuit. Also, I want whatever is in that Dean & Deluca bag. I’m starving!




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5 responses to “Think Outside The Box: No Socks

  1. Nancy S

    Are you to young to remember Miami Vice šŸ˜‰
    Anyway you would wear anything would make you look hot & cool!

  2. Donald

    I’m down with the no socks thing, unless…if it’s so cold as to require a jacket, then you probably should be wearing socks.

  3. Erika

    Some men certainly do have sexy ankles!

  4. nocrap

    the guy in the suit looks stupid

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