Oh My God Look At These Stupid Drawings

Dear Artists,
This weekend I decided to take Saturday off to make a drawing. All my friends fled to the beach to luxuriate in the golden California weather while I sat inside doing laundry and thinking of what to draw. Which was fine by me because that’s actually my favorite thing in the world to do. I had a little bit of artist’s block, so I decided to go through some of my old sketchbooks to get ideas. And when I looked through those sketchbooks I came to a shocking conclusion. I am an actual crazy person. Below is the evidence.
I Hate My Life, 15″ x 20,” Silkscreen and Collage (2007)
Blue Jay In Yosemite, 7″ x 10,” Ink on Paper (2001)
I’m Kate Moss I’m Pretty, 7″ x 10,” Ink on Paper (2001)
Uh Oh, 7″ x 10,” Ink on Paper (2001)
Legs, 7″ x 10,” Ink on Paper (2001)
Kids Of California, 7″ x 10,” Ink and collage (2001)
It’s Not What You Think, 7″ x 10,” Ink and Collage (2001)
Empty Buildings, 7″ x 10,” Ink and Collage (2001)
We’re Married, 7″ x 10,” Ink and Collage (2001)
I Just Want You To Be Happy, 20″ x 30,” Gouache and Graphite on Paper (2009)
This is what I made on Saturday. I’m not obsessed with it but it felt nice to make something. A word of advice: if you want to draw something but don’t know what you want to draw, just write “Los Angeles” on a piece of paper and paint it in with pink gouache. It will make you feel better.
Los Angeles, 20″ x 30,” Gouache and Graphite on Paper (2012)
So yeah, those are my drawings. I hope you liked them, hated them, or were indifferent to them. And I hope they inspire you to make your own lazily produced, semi-psychotic art.


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13 responses to “Oh My God Look At These Stupid Drawings

  1. barchbo

    I love it. And I am not your mom, your cousin, or anyone that knows you so you know I’m right. It’s AWESOME!

    It’s creative, funny, interesting, and I think it’s great. “We’re Married” made me laugh aloud with delight! Please share more of your work with us!

  2. Rose

    I think I like your brand of crazy.

  3. The “legs” piece is SO Angelina Jolie at the Oscars!

  4. I love “Legs” especially the one that has like a strange ankle growth in the bottom left. What a talent you are.

  5. Missy

    “Legs” is cooool! I like it a lot.

  6. Rocio

    “Legs” is amazing!! You should start screen printing some and sell them on Etsy. I would definitely buy it!!

  7. francine

    i love the script you used for los angeles!!

  8. Dear Orlando,
    you are so funny and sweet,
    laundry (for me esp. hanging it up to dry on clothesline) and making art are great ways of getting into a zone/flow/meditative state. How practical and cunning of you to combine them.

  9. i want the los angeles drawing on a tshirt.

  10. Mrs. Hagemeyer

    You made me giggle, you are funny and you are creative, so there.

  11. Colleen

    Le sigh. Everytime you say you hate yourself I want to find you and hug you. Is it okay for me to be that person? No? Great. Now I hate myself too. We may need a hug convention.

  12. Diana Sartori

    Can we buy these? I’d like them all over my apartment.

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