Sun Day

Dear Diary,
I went grocery shopping yesterday and when I got home I was, like, “HARK! Look at how crazy pretty the light is in my apartment!” And then I was like “I should take some pictures of stuff so I can remember how nice and warm everything looks.” It’s been chilly in Los Angeles (I think the temperature dipped below 68 degrees, BRRRR!). Thus, I was happy to get back to my warm, cozy apartment. Here is what my apartment looked like on Sunny Sunday Sun Day:

That vintage Interview Magazine is one of my favorite things in the world. I just love how giant and 80z glam it is. One day, I’ll be as pretty as Sylvester Stallone on that cover. Dreams…




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7 responses to “Sun Day

  1. I love that blue and white rug! Great pics!

  2. Orlando! You have got to tell me the name of the color on your walls!! Pretty please!!

  3. Jeff

    The LR looks great….but we got to work on those dining chais OS

  4. There was nothing in those pics that I didn’t like. Even the paint color. And I am catagorically anti-neutral. You da man, Orlando.

  5. You’re totally prettier.

  6. Hark! lol. you crack me up.

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