I’m A Giant: Update!

Dear Dollhousers,

Something totally awesome happened this week. Emily and I were just hanging out, going about our business of designing houses for dolls and houses for people, when we got a package from Janet Blair (reader, designer, dollhouser) in North Carolina filled with awesome dollhouse furniture.

In the box was this awesome rug. I think I am going to dye it somehow or color it in. I think it’s pretty as it but I like the idea of making it more colorful.

This little dresser (for the kids’ room) is adorable. I think I am going to lacquer it a fun color. Perhaps red.

I added a stair-ladder to connect the second and third floors. It’s a bit casual but I thought it would make a pretty graphic against the back wall. I hope the doll family that moves in doesn’t mind how steep it is. I’m also experimenting with texturing the walls a bit. I don’t want them to look gross 80z style but I do want them to look like they are made of plaster, not paper.

These are the front doors. I added the hardware yesterday. But I think I’m going to stain them darker or paint them a color. The hardware is from the fabric store. They are for belts or something.

These awesome chairs came from Janet too. I am going to use them as king chairs and then make something cute (out of wire perhaps) for the rest of my dining seating. I made this super long dining table which I am going to stain dark grey. Super simple. It has a pretty grain on the top but I forgot to take a picture. Sorrlz.

Here is some of the baseboards I added .

Then I painted them all white. I think my whole house is going to be white because I’m planning a kick ass art collection. I might paint some of the rooms a color, but I haven’t made up my mind yet…

Ok, so onto the most exciting thing to happen since the last most exciting thing to happen. This week I made my bearskin rug. Now, just a little sidenote that I don’t know if I actually approve of real bear rugs, but I just had to have one for my barn. So don’t go out killing a bear to put him in your house.

I made the head out of Fimo. That’s the clay that you bake in the oven. Mine got all sorts of bear hair in it but I sort of didn’t care because I knew I was going to paint it.

After I baked the head I painted it and covered it in fuzz. It’s going to go next to the fireplace upstairs.

So that’s where I am in dollhouse land. I feel like I still have a TON of work to do. And honestly I am kind of sick of building the house and want to get on to decorating it. But all in due time…



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17 responses to “I’m A Giant: Update!

  1. Ha! This bear rug is hilarious!

  2. That bearskin rug is killer…can’t wait to see the art collection….

  3. donald

    cb2 has some cute wire chairs (Xmas ornaments) so they might be sized right

  4. are. you. kidding. me?? you MADE a bear head for your dollhouse. crazy impressive! i’m pretty sure your house is going to be my favorite.

  5. janet

    Wow! It’s going to be crazy-awesome and I can’t wait to see it!!! I know you’ll do something amazing w/the furniture. That bear rug is beyond.

  6. OMG, bear rug is the best thing ever… and it totally made my day.

  7. jeannette

    the bearskin rug made my day too. what kind of fuzz did you use?

  8. Love the idea of the wire chairs- it makes me think of DWR’s Champagne Chair contest. Google for inspiration!

  9. Catherine Soria

    Wow, that is some realistic bear who also seems out for bear!

  10. what a nice package to get,
    your bear is amazing, love the obsessive level of detail with which you are enriching your little house

  11. Maggie O.

    A falling down farm house with a bear inside! This can’t get any better. And yet I think it will.

  12. Awe shucks! I like your bear rug more than I like the one that I made! But I seriously don’t think that I could have sculpted a bear head. i love it! Great job!

    Here is my version:

  13. I was only going to comment on the rug until I saw that bear skin rug at the end. I don’ t even have a doll house, but I want a tiny bearskin rug with a “real” head and teeth too!

    Back to the rug, I think dying it (or using fabric dye markers) would be perfect. Especially if you’re going to paint all the walls white. Hot pink or turquoise I’m thinking–like these.

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  15. So much fun to see your beginnings here!

    Googly eyes…an ironing board cushion…pocket lining pillows…I think you’d never guess that our GLAM house was made with such things…


  16. I can’t believe you built your own bearskin rug. Awesome.

  17. did you ever show the final finished dollhouse? i was so excited by yours, especially after this post. i want to see more!

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