D.I. Why??? How To Make Your Bulletin Boards Less Bulletin Boardy

Dear Bulletin Boards,

I really like you, but I hate the way that corkboard looks. Thus, I like to cover my bulletin boards with newspaper, paint, or anything to distract from the cork. When a bulletin board is blank, it’s like a scary canvas I don’t know how to get started on. When there is already some paper, paint, or anything collaged over the cork, I feel more free to tack up whatever I like, which is normally postcards from art openings and $100 bills. Here is what I did to make my bulletin boards prettier:

This was the bulletin board before I did anything to it, just sitting there bare, taunting me.

So I smothered glue all over it, and then covered it with newspaper.

The other boards I covered with a piece of artist-designed wrapping paper (that I got from a gallery in Chelsea) and with grey paint. If you are going to group bulletin boards, it’s probably best to keep them in the same color palette.

I still have a lot of work to do filling my boards with fun postcards and other ephemera, but I ran out of push pins. If real bulletin boards aren’t your thing, you can always use Pinterest, which is a similar way to catalogue your inspiration but lacks some of the fun tactile qualities of real bulletin boards. Either way, if it isn’t pretty I’m not going to look at it, so get out there and make your bulletin boards gorgeous!




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2 responses to “D.I. Why??? How To Make Your Bulletin Boards Less Bulletin Boardy

  1. I know what i’m doing tomorrow!

  2. Yes! Currently, my bulletin board has been sitting, staring at me with it’s bland, ugly mug for almost three months because I haven’t gotten up the courage to decide on how to beautify it. It’s a tragedy. Thanks for the ideas! The newspaper looks rad.

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