Cinespia, Sweaters, and Sweethearts

Dear Los Angeles,

My two favorite things about you in the summer are: 1. The Hollywood Bowl and 2. Cinespia (AKA cemetery screenings). I found out about the screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery just after moving to LA and it was love at first sight. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Cinespia screening, it’s a series of films shown in the cemetery throughout the summer. All the films are good ones (Last week was Harold and Maude and I had to miss it. So sad). People bring wine and food and picnic while the movie plays and half the time they’re not paying attention to the movie but rather to their captivating friends. Which is okay with me because I love being captivated by my friends. Anyway, here are some pictures of how pretty and fun the screenings are:

I love my friend’s sweater. Don’t you? I guess it’s Club Monaco from a few years ago.

But my sweater is even more exciting:

When the sun sets it get’s crazy pretty:

I highly recommend a Cinespia screening to anyone who likes movies, fun, people, wine, food, or being outside. If you don’t like any of those things I’m worried about you.




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4 responses to “Cinespia, Sweaters, and Sweethearts

  1. Catherine Soria

    I want to be there, too! It’s that rush to find your spot, get all your accouterments lined up and ready–then the party starts. It is only the best way to watch a movie!

  2. Here in Van Nuys

    Sweater and you look quite handsome.

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